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09/27/2009: "Rainy Day"

It's been raining off and on all day, at times somewhat heavily, and there's a bit of a chill in the air--a good day to stay indoors and read or watch the baseball game. I had planned on going out early in the morning to catch the sun rising on one of Yeosu's beaches, but I'll have to wait until next weekend for that. I did get out last Sunday and took a few pictures of Sindeok (shin-duck) Beach, one of three beaches that are somewhat nearby. There are quite a few more on the islands and towards the western end of the city, an area I've yet to visit.

This was shot from the road that runs along the coast. As you can see, Sindeok is not all that big. I've been told that this is the one that attracts the most foreign teachers in Yeosu.

Sindeok Beach (145k image)
Sindeok Beach

Here's a photo from the beach itself, looking toward the mainland to the east.

Sindeok Beach (117k image)
Sindeok Beach

Finally, this is from the road just before reaching the beach, which is to the right, off the photo.

Sindeok Beach (116k image)
Sindeok Beach

I'll try to get some shots of the other two beaches, Manseongni and Mosageum, next weekend. All three of them are fairly close together, almost within walking distance of each other. Now that beach season is over, they are fairly empty.

This weekend will probably be a good time to visit them since it's Chuseok, Korea's thanksgiving. It's a 3-day affair, Friday through Sunday, so, it's a short teaching week, and my nighttime classes on Thursday will probably have a small (or no) turnout, as most people will want to get started on the holiday early. Many people, especially my out-of-town students, will be leaving for their hometowns, and I expect the roads to be crammed on Thursday evening and Friday morning with people coming into and going out of the city. The dorm where my apartment is located should be relatively quiet during the three days. Nice.

I'll try leaving the comments turned on for this entry, just to see how much spam I'm deluged with.

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